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Throw down a towel, soak up the sun and dip your toes in the rock pools. Shelly Beach is a hidden treasure that is a treat for all.

The start of the first settlement at Shelly Beach started in the 1860s. During World War II, Shelly Beach was off limits, lined with barb wired fences with no access. This location was then primarily used for agriculture and grazing. Shelly Beach is renowned for its untouched land and the absence of high-rise buildings in the skyline.

Believed to be named after the mass amount of shells covering the beach, Shelly Beach was also known for the collection of shell grit that was taken to Brisbane by barge to create mortar for building foundations and was sold to poultry suppliers. Today the suburb has grown into a mixed area, with the majority of real estate comprising low-rises and unpretentious housing.

Located within the urban region of Caloundra, facing east between Moffat and Caloundra Heads, Shelly Beach is a popular surf beach, which offers consistent beach breaks, ideal for the advanced surfer with the northern end of the beach known to spit out the perfect barrel.

Shelly Beach offers a swimming location, however it is bounded by rock platforms, together with rocks in the centre of the beach. The result of the rock formations is a steep reflective beach with no bar, which can cause strong permanent rips between the central rocks.

A walk along the waterfront will lead you to the many picturesque outlooks that Shelly Beach is well-known for. With interesting and natural formations to explore, the kids will love discovering and searching for sea life that has been known to hang around. Black sea cucumbers, rose barnacles, chiton and blue periwinkles are just a few to be found.

If a coastal walk is more your thing, enjoy a long stretch of footpaths following the coastline. Starting at Shelly Beach, Des Dwyer Walkway connects to Moffat Beach to the north and links up with Caloundra’s beautiful coastal pathway. With a gorgeous 9km track following the coastline, this is sure to be a perfect Sunday afternoon stroll.

Relax with a good book and listen to the sounds of the waves as the kids play on the swings and shaded play equipment. Pack a picnic and enjoy lunch out of the sun at the picnic facilities, which also include a barbecue.

With a charming serenity that can be hard to come by at some of Queensland’s beaches, come and discover the rock pools with a fascinating rock formation, while watching the waves crash on the pristine beach enclosed by Caloundra’s scenic headland

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