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Strolling through the streets of Currimundi is much like flipping through old family photo albums. Unlike the majority of the Sunshine Coast’s shoreline frequently developing with bigger and better high-rises, classic Currimundi remains just that, classic. Sure innovative architecture , growing businesses and commercial development is on the rise, but high-rises are not. Currimundi holds the classic 1970’s feeling of relaxed beachside bliss with a touch of modern progression. And that’s just the way locals like it. Quiet, family-friendly and a truly relaxing place to call home.

Originally known as ‘Girrimundi,’ former Queensland governor, Sir Leslie Wilson, named the region after the aboriginal word meaning a ‘place of flying foxes.’ Perhaps Wilson noticed a colony of fruit bats flying over his Currimundi house he had built in 1936. Or perhaps it referred to flying fox lines put in place during World War II as the northern part of Currimundi beach was gazetted for military defence training in 1939. Either way, today Currimundi draws a different colony of species inhabiting the land and spreading their wings into a more relaxed seaside lifestyle. No we’re not talking about seagulls, rather a different seaside being, Currimundi locals. Drawing young families, retirees, or simply those who know quality living when they see it, Currimundi locals know how to keep a good thing quiet. For the kids of Currimundi, there are two public schools, Currimundi State School and Talara Primary College. The Currimundi Market Place will fix up any shopping list with Woolworths and 19 other handy shops located along Nicklin Way. While these necessities are important, it’s the natural wonders and the beautiful beaches that shape Currimundi into a beautiful seaside suburb.

Take the saltwater lake beside Currimundi beach for example. The Currimundi Lake provides near still water, yet tidal swimming’s safe for young families to spend a day in the sun without tackling the surf.

For a more challenging swim or perhaps surf, Currimundi Beach is an exposed beach break suitable for both natural and goofy footers. The winter months provide the best conditions and the ideal swell direction is from the southeast.

Surfers aren’t the only adrenaline junkies attracted to this particular beach strip. From the sky to the sand, dare devil skydivers frequently land on Currimundi beach after an exhilarating flight. No, it’s not seagulls or flying foxes migrating to the seaside town. However a different species with four legs and a woolly coat love this beach too. The kilometre stretch between entry 60 and 62 is off leash for our furry family members. There’s plenty of open space to dig, swim or catch a Frisbee.

For a more relaxed outing, swap the Frisbee for a fork and check out the café strip. Local creamy ice-creams, delicious burgers and famous all day breakfasts are on the menu. Just the right ingredients to put you in a food coma and join the laid back vibe that is Currimundi.

But it’s not all laid back living on Currimundi time. One major project driving employment and growing infrastructure is the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. Located on the outskirts of Currimundi yet still providing a massive boost to the quiet suburb.

While big projects are on the horizon, one things for sure; Currimundi remains the classic beachside town locals know and love.


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